Securing Pharmaceutical and Drug Manufacturing Plants

Security for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - Aleph Tav TechnologiesIn the past five years, very few other industry segments have faced security threats from as many different angles as the Pharmaceutical industry. Be it insider threats – negligence or espionage, tampering or malware, chemical plants and life science research facilities have seen it all. As exploit techniques and physical intrusion are taking on advanced vectors to evade detection, security implementation teams encounter difficulties in integrating, mapping and monitoring malicious behavior, changes and actions that lead up to a security incident. When safety and critical missions come into play, risk analysis, and threat modeling are indispensable assets the business owner must invest time for.

Be it standalone systems or air-gapped, securing pharma plant/facility requires adept knowledge of targeted threats and impacts. Read the whitepaper for essential tactics, methods and approaches to gain assurance through context-aware security measures. The paper serves as a guide for assessment, baselining, hardening, monitoring, and response. 


Enabling Secure Environments for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

– An Implementation Guidebook






















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