The age of comprehensive control: The rising need for a Security Operations Center

Aleph Tav Technologies Security Operations Center Network breach risks are expeditiously diversifying. Attackers are devising newer and complex methods to invade systems. The hacks on Ashley Madison and Sony serve as brutal reminders of the intensity and the ruthlessness of cyber terrorists who go all out to breach systems for data thereby holding individuals and corporate companies to ransom. Simply put, sitting back and waiting for an attack isn’t enough, particularly since false positives are increasingly muddling our incident response preparedness, let alone risk elimination planning.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

The need of the hour for organizations is to have a dedicated security operations center which will take care of the enterprise’s information technology assets through continuous, multi-dimensional monitoring and containment of threats to information security. A competent SOC should focus on two aspects:

  • Reduction of dwell time- The SOC needs to assess how long a system has been infected by malicious software.
  • Movement in the system- The SOC has to evaluate how quickly malicious code can move within the organization’s systems. This activity is coupled with an analysis of potential business impact caused by such eventualities.

The setup
Security operations center typically involve logs and feeds from network management systems, risk and compliance infrastructure, antivirus data, intrusion detection mechanisms and database scanners. The result is a unified dashboard or a command center that provides a comprehensive view of the organization’s information security

Establishing Security Operations Centers
The process of establishing security operations centers can be an arduous task depending on the complexity of the information security systems and the vastness of the organization. Overarching facets of security operations centers include:

  • Defining permissions to access sensitive data of the organization
  • Compliance with information security standards
  • Compliance with statutory rules with respect to information security

 Scope of authority
While data and information will be available at will to all members of the SOC, it depends on them to get necessary permissions in a timely manner in order to counter invasions from hackers.

Hallmarks of an ideal security operations center
A security operations center must be successful in:

  • Achieving the security objectives of the organization
  • Mastery over the system functionalities, use cases, data flow, dependencies and common vulnerabilities
  • Establishing security metrics to assess what the key focus areas should be in order to iron out the flaws
  • Working with information security experts to take stock of the situation and competently interpret the findings of the SOC
  • Flawlessly determining critical data points to assess risks

Why security operations centers should be top priority

  • Attempts to refine the workplace using BYOD adaptation and integrating data analytical capabilities come at the cost of rendering the system vulnerable at numerous points.
  • Most breaches happen due to a lack of discipline in implementing security. With Analytics and Cloud, the security around user credentials plays a vital role
  • It is imperative to have efficient implementation, monitoring and control in place to neutralize potential threats

At Aleph Tav Technologies, we provide soup to nuts coverage of enterprise security. Powered by the capabilities of a security information management suite, we enable thorough, multi-aspect visibility into your networked assets and network traffic, helping you spot anomalies well before they can meddle with your defenses and critical systems.

Talk to us for proficient, affordable, flexible and scalable solutions for your organization. We will make sure that your systems remain safe and your data secure.

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