Phishing your own: It takes ONE to catch ONE

Phishing Campaign by Aleph Tav Technologies Intruders looking for access to a company’s sensitive information are willing to try and entice or dupe an internal employee into holding open a locked door. This is precisely the purpose for which phishing and spear phishing scams are ‘designed’. Information security experts often consider employees as the frailest link in enterprise security. Cyber crime and cyber espionage are coming up with ways to make the most of negligent user behavior.

Scammers seem to have got it right that panic and excitement, when used right, can trigger impulsive reaction. In recent times, these social engineering attacks  are successfully entrapping even the not-so-gullible.

So how do companies stay secure while having entrusted enterprise security and sensitive information with their employees? How should enterprises protect themselves from data leakages when all it takes is one wrong click to let in destructive malware and spyware? Your best defense against phishing is in understanding how attacks can masquerade as seemingly harmless emails and how your users would react to them.

The solution – Safe and contained phishing tests for user behavior profiling

Aleph Tav Technologies performs harnessed, imitative phishing tests for employee groups – aimed at training them to spot phishing scams. The Anti-phishing Campaign is a module under the User Behavior Profiling Program which helps enterprises appraise and train their insiders with regard to social engineering threats and email/web-based attacks.

Testing user awareness can give corporate networks much needed clarity on the volume and severity of damage that a phishing attack can do. By helping you understand ways in which general email behavior can be exploited, a simulated phishing attack can give real-time visibility of risks – this makes it a great tool for enterprise security policy re-evaluation and online behavior sensitization.

What does the test do?

With a multi-stage phishing awareness test, we seek to evaluate user awareness on different degrees.

Components of the controlled testing module include the distribution of mimicked, cloned email alerts that trick employees into disclosing credentials and personal information. Other attacks can mimic employee benefit email messages to test the level of gullibility where the element of excitement comes into play.

A user who falls for the test email and discloses sensitive information is considered to have failed the test.

In an effort to drive in the message, Aleph Tav Technologies uses a conclusive testing phase incorporating an educative campaign aimed at sensitizing users and teams on the vitality of the role they play in protecting enterprise assets and personal information. The potential risks involved in email behavior are also emphasized.

Benefits for your enterprise

What can the test reveal?

  • Index of users who are susceptible at various levels of a phishing scam.
  • Demonstrates the impact and consequences of inattentive email behavior.
  • Helps determine resilience against email-borne malware intrusion vectors such as Cryptolocker.
  • Helps visualize the ‘ripple-effect’ of a  to gain access into the internal systems network.
  • Provides direction and scope for IT awareness training. 

We help you identify test modules that best suit your needs and employee profiles. We are poised to enable cost benefits with plans costing you as little as a cup of coffee per user.

Talk to us for a walk-through of our process and explore a range of allied security testing services.

PDF_downloadDownload our Anti-phishing Campaign Brochure 2016

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