Managed Security Services: Press Release

Presenting a No-Frills, All-Inclusive Managed security Service that does not burn your budget.

Aleph Tav Technologies Pvt. Ltd., an information security solutions provider, is launching an advanced security information management suite built with extensive capabilities for emerging business.

No business is too small to be a prime target of cybercrime. It is only fair then, that no business feels too small to afford complete protection. With a view to imbibe this philosophy in its capabilities, the Chennai-based security consultancy provides solutions with convenience, compatibility and cost-optimization as prime focus.

Launching the self-sustained 24×7 Managed Security Suite which is one among the very few in India, CEO of Aleph Tav Technologies, Joseph Martin expresses optimism for the multi-pronged approach to security risk mitigation. “We have taken into careful consideration, the common issues in security management across various industry verticals to come up with a versatile blend of functional units. All these units come bundled as a single 24×7 security operations service that monitors real time defense status for every IT asset in an organization, be it the data servers, network devices, applications or the networked assets”. In addition to thorough visibility and analytical insight enabled by continuous threat defense and perimeter security solutions, the security operations center brings with it systemic threat data consolidation. Powered by the industry’s best threat monitoring tools, it offers tactical remediation using feeds from global threat intelligence labs and reserves that are up to the minute on evolving cyber attack behavior.

24/7 Managed Security Suite

Every business needs to understand the perfect mix of security implements that they need for an all-inclusive protection. We help companies evaluate their options easier by offering a comprehensive and reliable no-sweat solution that can expand or shrink with their business operations. Adaptive management and concurrent insights are our unique features.

In the cyber space, every bit of knowledge is power against attackers. Enabling threat visibility using a simple control environment is our goal. The simplest way to put up a lasting fight against data theft or misuse of your corporate network is to identify vulnerabilities, the ways in which malicious entities are attempting to exploit them and the critical systems or missions that are exposed to adverse impacts.

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