Bolster your Managed Service Business with Comprehensive Managed Security

Managed Security for MSPsThe benefits of integrating Managed Endpoint Security with your Managed Service Business

Be it remote monitoring and management for network support, data management or hosting, a managed service provider has a number of expectations to meet in guaranteeing not just a safe and secure environment but enabling pervasive visibility of it for customers. In their efforts to achieve this status, MSPs often opt for a license from a third-party security tool provider. Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong with this arrangement.

First and foremost, it makes active reporting and tracking of deployed instances a nightmare. Managing multi-tenancy for your professional service automation business can turn out to be a complicated affair without a centrally management console. Many endpoint security tools offer enterprise-class threat protection which is run of the mill. The one critical requirement that will differentiate your MSP from others is seamless integration of security into your remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform with the help of a centrally managed console. This is where a Managed Security Service can complement and enhance the effectiveness of an MSP, making its monitoring capabilities essentially fail-proof.

A reliable Managed Security Solution for MSPs

At Aleph Tav Technologies, managed endpoint security takes automation, standardization and integration to the next level and ushers in improvements. It brings unmatched security monitoring under the control of a single, integrated platform.

A comprehensive managed security model can come as a wakeup call for MSPs who have been accustomed to disparate security risk management tools with lack of central reporting and coordination.

Get rid of all operational complexities

Combating your mounting operational challenges cannot get much simpler than engaging an MSSP in delivering your managed services. Every MSP has to overcome multi-tenancy problems where a downtime issue that one client is experiencing can affect other clients too. Aleph Tav Technologies brings Managed Security that uses A, a comprehensive solution – such that all security information is compiled and correlated with ease, and B, on a federation mechanism – wherein every subscriber gets the advantage of an isolated operations center. In simpler terms, we facilitate a strategic combination of easy integration and optimal isolation wherever necessary to guarantee a high Quality of Service for your customers.

High availability and data privacy

MSPs need to operate several services with a high degree of uptime to achieve SLAs. By managing each subscriber deployment on an autonomous basis, chances of downtime are drastically reduced.

Misconfigured multi-tenant environments for security management can introduce risks like cross-contamination and data leakage. With a dedicated server and database for every customer, Aleph Tav technologies can effortlessly monitor your customer’s alarms, events and logs.


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