About us

Aleph Tav Technologies is an information security service provider founded in the year 2015 and headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Our Managed Security Solution is designed to facilitate comprehensive, real-time threat visibility and security management. We assess security risks and cyber readiness of applications, networks and devices across a myriad of technological platforms. Our services are based on industry-centric information security risk analysis and intensive attack pattern simulation studies.

Our vision is to help enterprises embrace technology whilst being fully aware of the dangers it can pose to their credibility and business operations.

An ideal security assessment delves on issues beyond the purview of general compliance. We strive to assist companies in achieving the oft-elusive standards of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability for their corporate networks, web-based solutions and industrial control systems.

Information security is anything but a one-time task. We consider timely assistance and timed reviews a significant aspect of our engagement models.

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